At Scaral we have a simple goal: to help you bring yourself to work. 

We believe people are happiest when they can be authentic. Honesty builds trust and the security to experiment, explore and excel.

These days we all carry tech and although we put thought into choosing a coat, we often push our laptops into a gym bag or an ugly nylon case. We forget that what we carry communicates our character as much as what we wear. 


As a result we've also worked hard to show our character through our choices: Our leather is sourced from an environmentally responsible tannery in Italy that sets the bar across Europe. Our brass is cast here in the UK. Our compostable mail bags are produced from carbon neutral sugar cane, the boxes we use are from responsible sources and our cotton is from an ethically certified factory. Most importantly though we manufacture every bag and pouch here in the UK, hand cut and hand stitched by Londoners.


Because we believe in the excellence of UK manufacturing we want to invest in that. We are working with partners on a project to create a centre of excellence for UK leather. We intend to help build a stronger, highly skilled leather industry, here in east London.

We hope you agree that the end result is a beautiful business bag -  

bright and elegant, practical and beautiful, just like you!