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Why It Matters

We have grand ambitions here at Scaral - nothing less than to make you happy at work.

Assuming we spend around 40% of our waking hours in the office it makes sense that if we are unhappy at work then we are likely to be unhappy in the rest of our lives. We want to offer something small that might make your working week a little bit better.

So why would a leather bag make you happy? We know our limitations. We can't help you finish a boring project, or get rid of miserable Linda in HR, but we believe in the importance of strong relationships and we know they start with first impressions.

People are emotional animals. We've evolved to make snap judgements in the blink of an eye. Thirty thousand years ago that kept us safe; in the 21st century first impressions get you a promotion but are just as likely to lose you a job. We have less than a second to tell a story about ourselves and make an emotional connection, but if we want to build long term trust then that story has to be authentic. The 'story of you' must be genuine and true.

This is the reason we shop for hours before choosing a coat and browse online for days for a pair of shoes. Even then it might take some small degree of courage to buy a work jacket that shows off a genuine version of you. The reality is that it's easier to buy something in charcoal or navy, to fit in and conform, to look 'professional'. Picking the bright pink coat sometimes requires confidence born of either seniority or experience.

At Scaral we want you to always choose the pink coat, if that's the one that makes you happy. And we've simply taken that idea and applied it to laptop bags because if you pick the coat then we don't believe you're the type of person who wants to carry your tech in a cheap, black nylon box.

Start as you mean to go on. Wear the bright coat, carry the bold bag. Bring yourself to work and build trust from day one by showing them who you really are. Honest relationships are happy ones.

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